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Organising the return of loved ones to be laid to rest in their country of birth, is a common request we receive.
At Jeffrey Bros., we have over 40 years of experience in this field.
The common questions we have encountered are:

Yes, if they were born there and a burial site can be arranged.

The documentation required for transportation would include:

    • A current passport;
    • The destination of where the person is being sent to including the town and city with the name and address of the contact there eg. Family member in the country, Funeral Director; and
    • A ‘Non-Infectious’ letter from the hospital, doctor or Coroner.

Your costs would include:

  • The cost of the burial. This may include the site and service charges in the receiving country;
  • Overseas transportation. Prices for overseas transportation are charged according to airfares and other costs incurred at the time of shipment; and
  • Our service fee. This includes preparation and a service before the person is sent overseas. We handle all of the paperwork and liaison with consuls, airlines and the funeral director in the receiving country.

We take all care to ensure family can accompany the deceased in the flight arrangements. It is our job to make sure that all documentation and consular acceptance of the deceased is received prior to departure.

We try to make the process as easy as possible for the family and to ensure that the loved one arrives in the best possible way.

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